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Adult Students



Looking for a way to get a deeper understanding of God and His Word? 

Join us weekly on Sundays for Bilbe Study!

Classes are offered for grades K through Adults at Kenton Baptist Church weekly on Sundays before service, beginning at 10a. 


Community Dinner and Classes

You can never study God enough!

If you need more than that Sunday School and Sermon, or if a weeknight works better with your schedule, we invite you to feed your body and your spirit!

Join us each Wednesday evening at Kenton Baptist Church at 6p for our Community Dinner, followed up by classes for grades K-Adult at 6:45p.


We Want Your 

There isn't such a thing as spending too much time with God and His word!

The environment at KBC is constantly evolving. As we continue down our path as a church dedicated to His gospel, we are always exploring new ways to get closer to Him! We would love to hear any suggestions on additional avenues we can explore! 

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